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Wicker Basket 4 Truckle Cheese Hamper

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A wonderful gift for any occasion; a reusable wicker based full of four Artisan cheese chuckles, biscuits and relish, all sent to you or as a gift next day delivery free of charge anywhere in the UK


What's In The Box

Creamy Lancashire

Matured for 3 months our Lancashire cheese is made north of Preston at Sandham’s Rostock dairy. With a tradition of cheese making that stretches back almost a century, this Lancashire cheese carries with it light complex flavours and a quality that you expect from these multiple award-winning cheese makers. (200g)

Red Crunch Leicester

A tasty take on Red Leicester, blended and packaged for you to enjoy. (200g)

Ale and Mustard

The combination of crunchy mustard seeds added with a slosh of ale produces a cheese with a real burst of flavour. (200g)

Red Wine and Onion Cheddar

The finest Spanish Rioja red wine has been blended with caramelised onions and our tasty extra mature cheddar. (200g)


One of our home made relishes from original 20 year old receipes made in the heart of the country by Vintage Ramblers. These preserves are made in small quantities and are divine. (110g)

Recipes and Quiz

Some suggested recipes from our renowned Bistro restaurant chef. Easy to make, but gorgeous to to taste. A cheese quiz and leaflet on caring for your cheese


These are  made in the UK by a team of skilled bakers, following an original Swedish recipe. They use simple, natural ingredients including Shipton Mill organic flour, organic fresh milk and their own sourdough, which is fed daily and allowed to ferment for 16 hours before each batch is baked. Rated by experts to be some of the finest cheese biscuit you can find. (105g)