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Lytham Gin

Blooming Gorgeous Dry Gin

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Made in Lancashire by Lytham Gin Distillery!


A wonderfully dry floral and fruity gin, made with ten carefully chosen botanicals. Flavours of juniper and orange have been enhanced with the infusion of pink roses, apricots and hibiscus flowers.  

If exposed to strong sunlight the gin will change colour, fading to orange, this does not affect the flavour.

70cl | 40% ABV

About Lytham Gin

Sara, the creator of Lytham Gin, is a chemistry graduate who specialised in organic molecules - which are what give gin its flavour.

They don’t have any aspirations to be the new Hendricks, for them the most important thing is producing small batch gin with love and authenticity. Based locally in Lytham St. Annes, they are a fantastic producer of Lancashire gin!